Wednesday in CinCity. The Fairy Tales Can Come True Edition.

I don't know if anyone else out there has become obsessed with been watching the new ABC show, Once Upon a Time, but I cannot wait for it to come on every week have found it interesting and entertaining. Full disclosure, still a fan of LOST. And, huge fan of fairy tales. Although, it does make me wonder a bit about Jungian archetypes and Joseph Campbell's work on The Myth of the Hero and how in our rather disjointed, but more globally connected world do we unearth ancient sources of meaning and guidance? Mostly though, I like a good fairy tale, especially the old-fashioned Grimm ones that didn't pull any punches or bedazzle-up their messages. I like my trolls to look like trolls.

The sun is shining here and it's not raining; big change from the last couple of days. I've got the hospital's biannual ACLS to study for so that means I'll find some more things around the house that must be dealt with today--old magazines? Must be skimmed through and tossed. Pile of clothes on the bedroom chair? Hang 'em high. Dog sleeping soundly on the floor beside me? Must be smooched on. Hope your day is as equally diverting...


  1. I don't miss the ACLS classes and miss even less the application of skills learned. I much prefer what I'm doing now. Funny, that. Thought I'd really miss all that and I don't.

    I'm late getting to your Wednesday edition, but that's the story of my life this week. I've endured a big hospice smackdown (maybe just a holiday rush) that makes me think the moon is lying and it's really full.

    I love Once Upon a Time and Revenge has snared me in, too. My DVR is rather full this week, what with Ellen's 12 days of Christmas, House, The Closer, Revenge, and Once Upon a Time to name just a few. I see big TV/Knitting time ahead.

  2. LOL!! Revenge...I wasn't even going to bring that one up! What a guilty pleasure :>)Try it with a snack-size Baby Ruth bar and coffee. Heaven!


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