Saturday in CinCity. The "I Was Mad About It" Edition.

Might I recommend a movie to you all? Diana Vreeland. If you are "of a certain age," male or female, this movie brings our past back to kaleidescopic life through an entirely different lens. The quotidian wrappings of our day have, more likely than not, become icons. The Twiggys, the Rolling Stones, the Jean Shrimptons, the Veruschkas. Pages and pages of magazine photos that filled our minds and eyes in the travels of our every days now fill in the gaps of our history of events of that time.

I'd seen the previews at our neighborhood movie theater and thought it looked interesting enough, though easy enough to keep putting off. Yesterday I put it on the To-Do List for 5:05pm and to quote another great icon, "I'm mad about it!! Simply mad!"

Goodbye, New York

(song from the wrong side of the Hudson)

by Deborah Garrison

You were the big fat city we called hometown

You were the lyrics I sang but never wrote down

You were the lively graves by the highway in Queens

the bodega where I bought black beans

stacks of the Times we never read

nights we never went to bed

the radio jazz, the doughnut cart

the dogs off their leashes in Tompkins Square Park

You were the tiny brass mailbox key

the joy of "us" and the sorrow of "me"

You were the balcony bar in Grand Central Station

the blunt commuters and their destination

the post-wedding blintzes at 4 A.M.

and the pregnant waitress we never saw again

You were the pickles, you were the jar

You were the prizefight we watched in a bar

the sloppy kiss in the basement at Nell's

the occasional truth that the fortune cookie tells

Sinatra still swinging at Radio City

You were ugly and gorgeous but never pretty

always the question, never the answer

the difficult poet, the aging dancer

the call I made from a corner phone

to a friend in need, who wasn't at home

the fireworks we watched from a tenement roof

the brash allegations and the lack of any proof

my skyline, my byline, my buzzer and door

now you're the dream we lived before


  1. I fully intend to see it when it comes out on NetFlix and I can sneak a peek in France! I'm glad that you took so much pleasure in seeing it. That's high praise!

    I recently saw a wonderful documentary on French TV about Lesley Hornby/Twiggy. She was soooo refreshing in the interviews. I had her all over my wall at 14 in Oklahoma City. Brings back nice memories.

  2. Love the poem.

    OMG, the memories that even the trailer brought make me definitely want to see this. Not sure if you meant it is still out in theaters or if you viewed at home. I will do some checking around.

  3. Thank you for the *Heads Up*....I was a tad too young to experience the 60's.....but aleays loved it and felt I missed *my true age*! MUST see this! (Jean idol!)

    Hugs from San Francisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥


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