TGIF. It's Already the Middle of January?!


"Outside, it is cold, silvery, and suffused with a delicate milky haze. Gray hushed days follow each other, calling us to inner activity. Sitting by the fire or hurrying through the streets, our power of thinking grows. Filled with new ideas, we feel creative and courageous. Legend says, "words spoken in winter go unheard until next summer." This is the message from Janus, the old Etruscan god of the doorway, after whom January was named. Janus stands between past and future, new and old. He has two faces. One looks back, the other forward. His third face is invisible. This is the face of eternity, the present moment: NOW. Warmth settles around our hearts. Summoned to great deeds of right action and selfless love, Janus bids us pass through his gate." --Christopher Bamford

please note: photo is from Cincinnati Daily Photo. Apparently there was a once-in-a-lifetime, phenomenally beautiful sunset the other evening while I was hard at work in BigFatTeaching Hospital windowless. But, oh, the many pics...:-)


  1. Already the middle of January? I feel like it's been winter forever. Then, I felt that way a month ago, when it wasn't officially winter yet...

  2. I took a picture of that sky! Well, I was in Xenia (on my way home from work). I posted it on my blog today.

    The middle of January snuck up on me too - I was almost late paying for our car insurance because I wasn't paying attention.


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