Break a Leg

Honey haired girl is in a ballet recital this evening. She had talked about wanting to take ballet again--she stopped many, many years ago--and finding beginning ballet classes for a teenager is close to impossible. But, the Cincinnati Ballet Company teaches an Enrichment class for high schoolers where she could take ballet and/or musical theater. There is the requisite recital at the end of the year, but since HoneyHaired would only have taken lessons for 10 weeks she wouldn't have to be in it. Well, guess again. Yes, she is. And, it's at the Aronoff Center which is intimidatingly huge. I was going to take her there this past weekend to see Carmina Burana but didn't want her to see how large and imposing the theater is. Perhaps it will look smaller and simpler from backstage.

She's down there now. I dropped her at the stage door with her deer- in- the -headlight -eyes. My best advise for her?? "Honey, you guys are down here so early and you are going to practice so much that by the time the actual show starts you will be tired of it and just want it all over and done with." Not enjoy all the moments and relish your time in the spotlight. No, just go in, practice, and get it done. I do believe I need to rethink my approach to life. Hopefully she will find joy in performing tonight, maybe a few laughs for the next go round with a scary endeavor. Spotlights tend to be few and far between and deserve to be enjoyed with all heart, mind, and soul.


  1. I still have bad dreams about being on stage at a dance recital and not remembering the steps. And my stage was much much smaller. I hops she had a marvelous time!

  2. Oh, I hope it went well for her!
    I was once in a play when I was nine and had to kiss a boy, when it came time to kiss I burst out laughing instead. I was lucky, everyone laughed with me. Still
    that was my last time in the spot
    light :-).

  3. Thanks! She did great, looked great, and thought it was a blast even though she was nervous. It was a nice evening. I think she's more nervous about her presentation at school tomorrow--she's the Dalai Lama. Costume a wee bit harder to put together than you initially think. Should be humorous with the bald cap and glasses we found.

  4. I remember looking for a beginning class in modern dance when I was 18 and being told I was too old. It was startling--the thought that at 18 I was TOO OLD for anything.

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