Nothin's a Matter With Your Head, Baby, Find It...

Was not a big fan of disco back in the day, crazy cuz I cocktail waitressed in one.
Gotta say though, and I realize that I'm showing my age here, prefer the disco look to the gangsta look. What wouldn't I give to see someone dressed like this come
strolling through my unit as opposed to our visitors with the waist of their pants hitting at the nether regions.

I reckon the pieces they're carrying now are too damn heavy.

Enjoy the soulful vocals of Redbone, Ladies and Gentlemen...
(always thought they were singing "What's the matter with your hair...)

Hey (hey) What's the matter with your head? yeah...
Hey (hey) What's the matter with your mind and your sign?
And-a ooh-ohh
Hey (hey) Nothin's a matter with your head,
baby, find it
Come on and find it


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