..where the deer and the antelope play...

We're making plans to fly away to Montana. We don't give a hoot about no stinkin' oil prices. (Well, actually, we're really quite worried about them.)

We have friends out in Dillon, they just got a divorce, had some other disruptions in the family, and we thought it would be a good time--friend wise-- to visit with them. Bad time--gas prices wise, but don't know that it will get better.

Our college girl is a bit mopey about not going, but she has decided in her Junior year to switch majors, which is fine, but that places her in summer session right now picking up some required courses, Microbiology and Physiology. Crazy girl. And honey haired girl will probably (hopefully) have a summer job next year at the zoo or a vet's office/somewhere animal-oriented, so this seemed a good time to take a more adventurous vacation.

Too bad it's still snowing in Montana. We'll be leaving the barely 60 degree grey drizzliness of CinCity to the end-of-prolonged winter weather in the Mountain State. Whatever...I think as long as the hubby and I do not have to be in charge of strangers' bodily functions all will be well.

There are the usual last minute plannings about caring for the dogcatsratandfish menagerie, stocking up on pet food, figuring out the packing of lethal liquid shampoo, and what books we want to read on the plane.

Mostly though, how will we find out what happens on LOST and will Sex and the City be playing in a theater

near us in Bozeman?? Somehow I think it will all piece itself together.

So here's hoping for blue skies in Big Sky country and a happening start of summer for all those who might wander into this blog.

( "Look over there...something shiny.")


  1. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!

  2. Big Sky Country. Big Chill Country.

    I hope you have a "cool" trip.

  3. I know another blogger in Montana. Yup, the winter drags its lazy ass forever there. We've had the same problem in the high desert this year. My lavender is only starting to stick its timid little head(s) out and on some mornings I'm still wearing a sweater.

    The big skies are awe-inspiring, however, especially when they hover over ramshackle human lives. Think Richard Hugo.

  4. I'll go to Montana with you... I am falling in love with that part of the country... well, Colorado so far... take care

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