Norman Rockwell, Meet Norman Bates

Had lunch the other day at the Art Museum
and across the hall from the restaurant were 5 large photographs of neighborhood scenes at twilight.

Actually, they are part of a larger exhibit, Beneath The Roses, the work of Gregory Crewdson. If it's in your town, or comes to your town, definitely worth a look.

He stages each scene; taking months to plan, and using 40 to 50 separate shots to create each composition; creepily compelling --each one making you wonder what's happened in the slightly off view you see in front of you of a familiar Americana.
Seeing life as presented through this collection of photographs makes you question all kinds of assumptions starting with--
is it really twilight, or could it be dawn?

This is making the email rounds so maybe you've seen it. The kid is hilarious and dead-on with the voice.

And, bad joke of the day:

A brunette, a redhead, and a blonde walk into a human resources department to apply for a job. The brunette goes into the interview first and the employer asks, "How many D's are in Indiana Jones?" She thinks for a minute and says," Two, no, one. One."

The employer says, "Good. I'll be calling you back for a second interview."

The redhead then goes in and the employer asks, "How many D's in Indiana Jones?" She immediately answers, "One." The employer smiles and says, "Excellent. I'll be calling you back for a second interview."

The blonde goes in next and the employer again asks, "How many D's in Indiana Jones?" She thinks for a bit and says, "Two, five, you have a calculator?...Twenty-six, sir."

The employer,flabbergasted, leans back in his chair and says to her, "How on earth did you come up with that number?" The blonde proceeds to sing,"dum, da dum, dum, dum de dum..." (Think movie theme song, then let the groaning commence.)


  1. Groaning has commenced. :-D

    An award awaits you at my place...

  2. Love the photos. When I was a runner, I often ran at dusk and the world I saw was so full of stories. I wondered about the people behind the lighted windows, who was eating the dinner I smelled, whether families were gathered around a table or not, what was flickering on the TV.

    Dreamed of a day I'd have my own house, my own story unfolding behind its walls...


  3. Loved the photos the video and the joke :-).


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