"Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Sanctuary!"

Home after 14 hours of no lunch, no bathroom break, and might I say, no fun. Now that I'm in my favorite place with my favorite people I'm forced to recollect that my last patient, admitted straight from the OR, had suffered a subdural hematoma (please refer back to your notes from July 15th--"Hellboy and me") from LYING ON THE COUCH.

Yes, I know that he was prone to bleeding due to the medications he was taking for blood clots in his legs, and it would have only taken a slight bump...but the couch?? Et tu Brutus??

I love, love, love to recline on my couch. It is my sanctuary. And I believe it loves me right damn back. I cannot believe that because of this inconvenient piece of information it is no longer a haven of safety for me, a "soft place to fall" as Uncle Phil likes to say (again and again and again--enough, you crazy old coot).

Okay, I surrender. I'm going to go lay on the couch, put my feet up, and, yes, I will put on my helmet.


  1. Wow, that is amazing, but still I think for most of us the couch is pretty safe :-). A comet or a plane could crash in,in any moment and distroy us, but still the odds are against it :-).

  2. Totally not expecting the comet. Think a little tinfoil on the helmet would delect it?? :>)

  3. Perhaps, better safe than sorry

  4. To die on the couch would be a good ending...


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