Thanks San

Found out today I am among the esteemed recipients
of the World Renowned JUST PLAIN FUN TO READ award
from, and, while it was a honor
to be nominated, it is way more fun to actually have the award and to have posters, banners, stationery and Tshirts printed with the quirky and sweet illustration.

Run on over to San's site and have a look/see. The last post (or one from this past Friday) has oodles of interesting sites to browse through and provide excellent excuses NOT to clean out the bathroom linen closet.

Like we really need a reason--we are Writers :>).


  1. Thanks. You're very kind to say that. Thankfully I didn't get up and write this morning about the 2 young men in the ICU with ATV accidents. NO HELMETS!! Wear the friggin' helmets, boys.

  2. You have accepted your award with wit. Just what I expected.


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