OHIO by David Young


Looking across a field
at a stand of trees
more than a windbreak
less than a forest—
is pretty much all
the view we have

in summer it's lush
in winter it gets
down to two or
three tones for
there might be
an unpainted barn
water patches
a transmission tower

yet there's a lot
to see
you could sit
all day on the rusty
seat of a harrow
with the view before you
and all the sorrows
this earth has seen
sees now will see
could pass through
you like a long
mad bolt of lightning
leaving you drained
and shaken
still at dusk
the field would be
the same and the growing
shadows of the trees
would cross it toward you
until you rose your heart
pounding with joy and walked
gladly through the weeds
and toward the trees


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