Cannot Fathom Why This Wasn't The Cornerstone Of The Obama Campaign

If Hiliary becomes the next Secretary of State will we be seeing a lot more of this slice of mancake?? Good times are here again.


  1. Could be good, could be bad. I hope he behaves himself. It would be nice if he'd let her enjoy this new post without any grande scandals to mar her term. I figure he owes her-big time. On another note, the two combined are present a huge brain trust and that may be a very good thing.

  2. Oh my, anyone that survived the rollercoaster that was Bill is completely equipped to be Sec. of State.

    Madeline Albright was qualified as a mother of twins...

  3. Mancake: you are so funny! Put a sax in that man's hands and the world seems right.


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