It was a beautiful fall day in River City, the kind of day when the sky darkens to a pewter grey showing off the yellows and oranges of the trees along the neighborhood streets, when the temperature's dropped just enough to feel comfortable in a sweatshirt, when it's not surprising to see a murder of crows land in the graveyard behind the house. The kind of day when it doesn't feel odd at all to sit here with my best friend with a couple of cups of coffee and discuss all the reasons why we think someone killed our neighbor.


  1. Crows often
    bring out
    the base nature
    of the night
    where crimes
    land in the cemetery
    by default.

  2. ooooh, mysterious. I love the way you brought the crows in to introduce the eerie topic between you and your friend.
    Thanks, too, for the education on names for groups of birds.

  3. Ok, you have me hooked, keep it coming :-).

  4. Love this...and the art is perfect, moody and beautiful.

  5. I love:

    a murder of crows

    It is so cooolll.

    I'm sorry someone killed your neighbor, whatever the reason turns out to be.


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