Wounds Heal

Survival by Sri Chinmoy

I am not dreaming
Of a hope-victory-life.
I am just dreaming
Of a hope-survival-life.

One of our patients returned to our unit today to say hello, unrecognizable in her own clothes and walking without assistance. Her father could not stop smiling. She looked a little befuddled at all the fuss. She remembers nothing of her 8 day stay and that's just fine. She may be able to go back to school in the spring. She may need to stay out the year. Either way, she has a future waiting for her and we could not be happier as we send her towards it.


  1. That's a lovely story.

    I'm so pleased for you and your colleagues that you had the opportunity to have a visit from one of your past patients who does indeed have a future waiting for her after all the care and support you provided. That's fantastic!

  2. It's always so nice to see the successful patients. It does a soul good. I always like discharging my hospice patients because they fail to meet criteria to stay on board. Cheating death is always good.

  3. That has to feel good. Knowing you helped save a young girls life.
    I am so happy for her and her family as well :-).

  4. What a blessing. Remember, too, that there are countless patients and families that you have touched, even if they don't come back to visit.

    My mom was in line at the airport and thought the man in front of her looked vaguely familiar. A little eavesdropping proved that he was her oncologist - the man who literally saved her life 10 years ago. You just never know.

    Thanks for the work you do!

  5. It's good to go back, to see those who made it possible for you to go forward.

    My son was a NICU baby...

  6. I guess that is what makes the difficult days worthwhile?

    Congratulations on being part of her recovery.


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