It's Only November, Folks

First Christmas song heard on the radio--Wednesday, November 12.
First dusting of snow in CinCity--Sunday, November 16.
What about Thanksgiving??
Good grief...


  1. You got that right, Charlie Distracted! But don't worry, I'm gonna hold the line in spirit and not go near Christmas until the Friday after Thanksgiving, like a good American citizen.

    Well... Except, perhaps, for the secret indulgence in Christmas music, beginning with Aimee Mann's "One More Drifter in the Snow's" "Whatever Happened to Christmas?," that I have secreted on my MAC at work.

  2. Wrapped in a lite garment
    the early guest arrives
    not sure of welcome
    but sure of her beauty.

  3. Good grief indeed. I went to the store for a few things and was bombarded by red and green. We've had some snow up here as well-----and rain and wind--the ever-popular wintry mix.

  4. I heard non-stop Christmas music at Wal-Mart on HALLOWEEN.

    Bah humbug.

  5. For those of us hoping to make a bit of money during the holidays, you have to start early, but I agree, we have to draw the line somewhere. It is too early for the music :-).

  6. I can't help it but I've caught the Christmas spirit. I've even been listening to holiday music. Though I don't know if you can call Yo Yo Ma's new holiday cd strictly Christmas. Nor Ottmar Liebert's Poets and Angels. They've both been played a lot this weekend. Detroit has a blanket of snow too. Makes me want to throw another log on the fire and break out the mistletoe!


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