All the Whiskey in Heaven

by Charles Bernstein

Not for all the whiskey in heaven
Not for all the flies in Vermont
Not for all the tears in the basement
Not for a million trips to Mars

Not if you paid me in diamonds
Not if you paid me in pearls
Not if you gave me your pinky ring
Not if you gave me your curls

Not for all the fire in hell
Not for all the blue in the sky
Not for an empire of my own
Not even for peace of mind

No, never, I'll never stop loving you
Not till my heart beats its last
And even then in my words and my songs
I will love you all over again


  1. This is absolutely lovely. Your poetry collection must be amazing!

  2. Yeah, yeah. But howza bout a fig martini? I'd share, but, oh, too late.

  3. That's some powerful love he be poeting about!

  4. Very nice.

    Here's one I like as a thank you. Its 'two inches tall' by Sheila K Cameron which I poted on mine a while back.

    Thanks and regards.......Al.


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