Spy vs Spy

To whom it may concern,

I realize it's my weekend to work and that I recently returned from a two vacation, but was recently notified that I must travel out of town immediately. I will contact you soon to confirm my return to work. I might have a new name!! And maybe a new look! For the interim I will need a letter of reference from your office. Will send you details of where to send soon in a plain manila envelope labeled "PHOTOS OF MILAN." Any help you are able to give will be greatly appreciated.

Natasha Fatale


  1. And
    Boris Badinof.....smiles.

  2. I love Boris & Natasha. And Rocky and Bullwinkle, come to think of it.

  3. Please send key to decipher message. Pottsylvania boring as hell. Please do not send photos of Milan...send one way ticket instead.

  4. Will their kid's smart phones work in Russia?


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