Ahhhh...Friday. A lovely end to the week, though it means for me the end to my three days of freedom and the start of the weekend to work. Temperatures have dropped a bit and the humidity is low, which, like the Hokey-Pokey, is what it's all about anyway.

Hubby and BoxerBoy are on their way home from the lake where they have been having some fishing time. Apparently our dog fell in love with another family there, tried to get in their car after all their oohs and ahhs over his extreme handsomeness. Bit of a jolt to the heart since we have been missing him terribly and keep thinking we'll take a walk with him, or bathe him, or feed him and he's not here.

HoneyHaired and I have shared some grrrlie time--mostly avoiding the studying she has to do for the start of school--August 17th. Still working on Crime and Punishment, but has viewed two of the three films for another class. And did write the paper for Art History, so maybe not as far behind as I worry. Saw Despicable Me--3D(surprisingly,not a school assignment), went up to Clifton on the Green for a free concert, walked through Spring Grove again after a day of cleaning and grocery shopping,

and got to stay up late watching our bestest and most favorite friends on television. White Collar, Psych, and Burn Notice. Jon Stewart. And, without the snarky comments from the peanut gallery!

Now, back to the kitchen to cook up a little food for tonight and the weekend, Nanna's Summer Pasta Salad--all garlic, cherry tomatoes and basil, some curried chicken salad, and Nicoise sandwiches. Should keep us going for the next few days...and keep Prilosec in business.

The Day She Gets Her License

by Susan Jackson

The car is as long as a city block
and sleek
the fins stretch out as far as the eye
can see
or so she imagines.
It's the early days
of metallic finish
the color of the car
blue frost or silver
depending on the way
light glints
off the surface
or how high
the sun is.
With the top down
the red leather seats shine
like the inside of a flower
like a flag in the wind
and her hair trails out
behind her, flying.
When the guy on the corner,
the cat with the long side-burns,
looks across the street
and whistles
she knows it's for her
she knows
she's beautiful
she will always be


  1. Ah, sideburns and long sleek fins... those were the days... and still are I suppose if still feeding dreams...

  2. Pasta, garlic, tomatoes, green beans...what's not to like? Summer food is by far the best.

  3. Your week-end just sounds incredibly relaxed.. in a slightly busy way... and that poem, that's just a stunner of a thing. have just finished reading 'They Shoot Horses Don't they', strange little book.. actually imagined the girl in this car as the same girl from that.. but the alternative version (if any of that even makes sense!) :-D


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