Saturday in CinCity. The Enough Already Edition.

It's really, really, really warm.
Memories of the heat wave of 1995 kind of hot.

I can't live 24/7 in an air conditioned bedroom. I have a busy, full life with things to do, places to go and people to see. Dishes to wash.

And..., our TV is in the living room, not the bedroom, so you can see my difficulty here. I am desperately seeking distraction.

I signed up to work an extra 8 hours today simply to be out of this oven of a house for a little while. That, my friends, is desperation.

Ocean's Twelve is on the Oxygen channel with some of my favorite bad boys of summer, which, with some well placed fans and a carton of

Madison's Lemon Basil sorbet, is distracting enough for an afternoon.

HoneyHaired and I are leaving later tonight for Spring Grove Cemetery and their annual Moonlight Tour. We're hoping for some spookiness with a touch of chills. Oh, bring it on. Big gusts of chills.

A Summer Night
by Kate Barnes

A summer night. The moon's face,
almost full now, comes and goes
through clouds. I can't see
any stars, but a late firefly
still flicks his green lamp on and off
by the fence.
In this light
that is more illusion
than light, I think of things
I can't make out: milkweed opening
its millions of flowerets, their heavy heads
smelling like dark honey in the night's
darkness; day lilies
crowding the ditch, their blossoms
closed tight; birds asleep with their small legs
locked on twigs; deer stealing
into the uncut hay; and the young bay mare
kneeling down in the pasture, composing herself
to rest, as rounded and strong
as a meant prayer.


  1. I remember the 1988 kind of hot---especially because I was pregnant. and 1991 hot---pregnant then too. THIS is hot---eyelid sweating hot. I agree: enough is enough!

  2. Good luck on the spooky stuff.

    I actually got to film one on a Southern Comfort tour in Savannah. The tour guide was so pleased when we sent her copies of the ghost beside her. It is nice to know she will tell our tale.

  3. I don't envy you your heat wave, although I would love to ride on its coattails just a bit. Here we have grey, overcast skies and a nippy breeze for a flea market day. What has happened to all our stereotypes? Shot to hell, left, right, and center.

    I do like your approach though, staying cool while earning a living. That must be a rare opportunity among humans!

  4. Hope you got some cool air; it was still 95 degrees at 11 a.m. here last night. YUCK.

  5. Lemon and basil in a sorbet? I'll take your word for it.

    How was the graveyard Moonlight Tour? And did you have moonlight?

  6. Hope you did get chills on the tour, and a break from the heat. Lemon Basil Sorbet--yummy sounding combo--who'd a thunk? The poem sends chills. Beautiful. Thank you.

  7. The only thing really, really good about whole-house AC is the quiet. No yappy dogs, no Metro Life-flight helicopters, no arrhythmia-inducing bass from lowrider cars...just QUIET. But I was starting to feel like a jar of gherkins on the back shelf of the fridge. Kind of chilled and forgotten and solidifying, you know? TWO DAYS of relief was all we got.

    I'm back in the Frigidaire today. Sigh.

    (But grateful. Good luck. The sorbet sounds lovely....)

  8. I too was pregnant in '88, and thankfully not now....smiles.

  9. Wonderful poem. I am sending you the cool rains in Taos, I love the weather here! Try what I do when I have a hot flash:Have plenty of ice in the freezer and run an ice cube on the back of your neck, and on the inside of your wrists. it works wonders. xoxo


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