Have a ____ Day

by Lou Lipsitz

Have a nice day. Have a memorable day.

Have (however unlikely) a life-changing day.

Have a day of soaking rain and lightning.

Have a confused day thinking about fate.

Have a day of wholes.

Have a day of poorly marked,

unrecognizable wholes you

cannot fathom.

Have a ferocious day, a bleak

unbearable day. Have a

riotously unproductive day;

a grim jaw-clenched, Clint Eastwood vengeful

law enforcement day.

Have a day of raging, hair-yanking

jealousy and meanness. Have a day

of almost grasping

how whole you are; a finely tuned,

empty day.

Have a nice day of walking and circling;

a day of stalking and hunting,

of planting strange seeds and wandering in the woods.

Have a day of endearing nonsense,

of hopelessly combing your hair,

a day of yielding, of swallowing

hard, breathing more deeply,

a day of fondness for beetles

and macabre spectacles, or irreverence

about anything you want, of just

sitting and wondering.

Have a day of wondering if it's

going to help, or if it just doesn't matter;

a day of dark winds

and torrents flowing though the valley,

of diving into cool water

and gasping for breath,

a day of sudden hunger for communion.

Have a day where the crusts you each

were given are lost and you stumble

with your fellows

searching endlessly together.

please note: photo of Dogbane Beetle by magickcanoe.blogspot.com


  1. Whew! I was so busy, I think I need a nap. I'm going to have a lie-in type of day tomorrow. In fact, a stay in your jammies and knit day.

  2. ...a jammies, knitting, and fig vodka kind of day!

  3. HA! you still make me laugh!....smiles.


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