Why I Love Sunday Nights

Aurelio Zen. Masterpiece Mystery.


  1. Haven't seen it here in Europe, but for some reason this made me smile...

  2. Si-si... Zen is so much fun to watch! Love the dialogue, the plot, the scenery, the clothes!~ Most interesting *mystery*to show up on PBS in eons!

    Mui Fantastico!

    Ciao, Bella!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Tell me about it!! He is hot, hot, hot!! I missed this week's episode though since I'm out of town, but I will have to watch it when I get home. What a hottie! (oh wait, I already said that, didn't I?)

  4. I agree! Do you know you can watch it on Masterpiece Theatre's website if you miss it Sunday evenings? (and even if you catch it Sunday, a repeat of Aurelio Zen wouldn't be a hardship!)


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