Saturday in CinCity. The Melting Edition.

Downtown CinCity on a hot summer morning. After weeks of hot summer mornings. I think we've broken the record of 14 or 17 straight days of over 90 degree heat and I feel we should cool things off a bit. IMHO. What you cannot see in this photo is how much heat the bricks soak up and continue to radiate into a home. Cause they're givers.

My strategy for the day is to go in and out of a/c as much as possible while trying to get a grocery list together, buying the food, making the food, cleaning up after the food. Things need to be done here, but the 3 episodes I've missed of In Plain Sight are not going to watch themselves. Tidying today, perhaps. Dusting and vacuuming, not so much.

Dinner at this point is going to be Sante Fe Summer Pot with Avocado and Shrimp. No cooking required.

Dog Days

by Doreen Fitzgerald

The languid heart is on the porch,

slowly swinging back and forth,

trying to beat the heat.

The brain is in a maple tree,

prehensile toes around a branch,

studying its wrinkled feet.

The heart sips ice-cold lemonade,

ignoring summer's grand parade,

but the dogged eye looks out to see

who's passing by on Passion Street,

admiring all the butts and toes,

and that's the way the summer goes.


  1. Loved the poem...but will not ride a bike like that...people would wreck their cars.

    Hot here, too. We have almost two weeks of 105 day 118.

    Mom used to spray the rocks with water on the house facing west to cool down the inside.

    Stay cool. Being an In Plain Sight fan myself, I say the chores can wait...enjoy.

  2. I did dust, but I haven't left the house at all, so I was mostly able to remain cool. It's been hot north of 275 too - I know it because our office has been SO COLD.

  3. I just finished barbecuing in a torrential downpour. It was just me, Leo, and a giant golf umbrella out there. I could almost hear the grass sizzle with relief when the rain fell upon, wait...that was probably the Johnsonville brats.

    Remember your words come January, Distracted.

  4. Where did you get that hilarious photo?? I burst out laughing when i saw it!!

  5. I am so hoping those bikes weren't rented :>)

  6. Oh, baby. You had me at avocado. Yes, please.


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