Saturday in CinCity

I am not watching this glorious meteor shower, though perhaps we can give it a go Sunday night after work. I'm not even sleeping as I should be before a long 12 hours in the land of NeuroDrama. I am wide awake after either the noise of trains, sirens, dog, or a combination of all three woke me from a dream involving extra jigsaw puzzle pieces. Waking was a relief.

Here's hoping that someone out there has seen some lovely sights from the heavens and will share them. Happy Weekend!

please note: photo by Babak Tafreshi


  1. That would be QUITE a nightmare! Although not having enough puzzle pieces would be what would send me over the edge. I should be working a puzzle during my recuperation! Why aren't I? Hmmm.

    Hope you were able to get some sleep after you posted this.

  2. Lovely post and amazing photo of the night sky.

  3. I think you may be worried about putting brains back together. Now that would be a real puzzle.

    Can't see the showers in the city lights, nor does the full moon help. That said, it's really cloudy in Detroit right now.

  4. Eeeew, a puzzle dream...a real nightmare.

    The 2011 Perseid Meteor Shower came not only during full moon, but also on a night with some hazy clouds in our sky. Therefore, I had no luck in seeing it and was disappointed. Next year. :)


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