you can close your eyes, it's alright

Found myself softly singing this to my patient this evening. Young man with a failed suicide attempt who nonetheless may still succeed. I relieved his mother at his bedside, holding his hand, so she could take a much needed break. I don't have any poetry for this kind of heartache.


  1. Oh, but your poetic heart shines through to soothe this kind of heartache. I will be thinking of him/mom/you, and praying he will pull through and see the miracle of his life.

    Hope you can get a much needed break this weekend. xo

  2. Amen. It's because of Angels such as you that these tragic circumstances that unfold in the lives of our loved ones find solace. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. I can't think of anything sadder, really, than this situation--for everyone: the profound and persistent sorrow that would make someone want to take his or her own life as the only answer, then that of those who struggle to understand that motive in its aftermath. Guilt, shame, sadness, anger--all those emotions ripple out and turn into waves that threaten to drown them all. Your compassion and presence will be long remembered, I know.

  4. Sometimes this work is truly heartbreaking. Wishing you peace sister nurse.

  5. I echo that which has already been said.


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