They Accuse Me of Not Talking

by Hayden Carruth

North people known for silence. Long

dark of winter. Norrland families go

months without talking, Eskimos also,

except bursts of sporadic eerie song.

South people different. Right and wrong

all crystal there and they squabble, no

fears, though they praise north silence. "Ho,"

they say, "look at them deep thinkers, them strong

philosophical types, men of peace."

But take notice please of what happens. Winter on the brain.

You're literate, so words are what you feel.

Then you're struck dumb. To which love can you speak

the words that mean dying and going insane

and the relentless futility of the real?


  1. Wow. Beautiful poem and ethereally lovely image.

  2. Very different the image.


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