Wednesday in CinCity

A lot's gone on this summer and I haven't much felt like reading poetry or posting it. It's one of the many things I just can't seem to wrap my head around. Much like my To-Do list which I normally love as I can check things off and use different colored markers. I don't have much attention for reading. Don't want to go out and listen to music. Don't feel like pilates. I cook. I work. I could walk and walk and walk and walk and walk some more. Thinking about starting back to a dance class. Could happen. I separate piles of clothes and books to go into various baskets and out of the house.

I realize this will pass. There is a season for grief. It doesn't last forever. I would like a stop date to mark on the calendar, but I know it will come. Until then, I am grateful for small pleasures. Bridesmaids came out on DVD yesterday. Modern Family starts again tonight.

Funny helps.


  1. Working through grief is a journey. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a best friend, but I imagine it may feel like a piece of your heart is gone.

    Keep on walking til you come full circle.

  2. Thanks, girlie. I don't want to whine about the whole thing. It's not very Midwestern of me:>) Sometimes it's so disorienting--I suspect, as the dust settles a bit, more because of the suicide aspect. We didn't see that coming. But, this journey must continue and it's funny how each grief has its own path. You can't shortcut by using what provided solace last time around. Very crafty, grief.

  3. My thoughts are with you, and I am sending wishes for peace. I was in a funk for nearly a year after the suicide of one of my closest childhood-through-college friends a few years ago. I still well up writing those words. Until reading your reply to Rudee I was unaware that your dear friend had also died from suicide...I was hoping not when I read your post announcing her sudden death. My friend's suicide was also totally unexpected, and that aspect makes it all the more puzzling for those left behind.
    As I said, I am thinking of you.....

    My remembrance post to my friend, when you are ready to read it, is here.


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