Police Notes

by Alice N. Persons

Female reported running up Main Street yelling "No, no,


She was described as wearing dark clothing and loud


Subject was reported standing in the roadway with a sign


"lawyers suck and police are outlaws."

Woman called to report a man lurking on her patio.

Officers investigated and found a runaway goat.

Clerk in convenience store reported male customer was

looking up someone's skirt. Subject was tracked to the


911 report — woman says her wallet was stolen from her


Before officers could investigate, she called back and said

that it was her son, 45.

Elderly woman called to report a moose, people carrying

torches, and strange music on her property. Officers

searched and found nothing.

911 dispatcher got a call saying there was a "huge party"

in the woods off County Road 3. Officers find empty

bottles and discarded clothes. Residents of Elm Street

report seeing four naked people.

Paris Road resident reports peeping Tom. Later told

police it was "one of my boyfriends."

please note: photo by Dave Walsh. Perhaps near a patio.


  1. Fantastic. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Love the goat.

  2. Some people lead such interesting lives, especially those who live off County Road 3.

    That goat has the best beard!


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