Dear Rachel

Thought I'd write a few words for a friend who has left the fair CinCity for Germany. Rachel is one of our new nurses from the Neurodrama ICU. She has gotten herself a job working in the United States military hospital at Landstahl and we,of course as Mama Birds are want to be, are hugely impressed and proud of our young chickie. God bless, girlie, write soon and have a fantabulous time.


  1. This reminded me of that old TV show called "China Beach."
    You should be proud as I'm sure you all have trained her well. God speed.

  2. I'm sure she is a brave soul. She is certain to learn a few new tricks there. Did she train 2 new people to take her place?

  3. Rudee, you are one funny chickadee. She is certainly one of the newbies I would like to clone.
    Lydia, I hope for her sake it's no China Beach. I suspect it's going to be fairly intense though since they try to fly the Iraq casualties in as soon as possible. At least she won't be under fire as some of the CSTARS are that train with us. I wish we could keep them all.

  4. Landstuhl is a tough assignment that needs talented and compassionate professionals...

  5. Oh Mama Bird!! I cannot express how much your encouragement means to me as I am taking this new path. I do think to myself what would you do as I take care of these patients. I have already landed quite a few boys and girls from down range and each one has already touched my heart.

    I have seen China Beach and though I do not get shot at there are some things kinda similar. Especially the people, they really do become like family!
    Love ya!!!


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