Lost Control of This Day Early On

and it was all downhill from there.


  1. Maybe it will be possible to run that cattle drive in reverse tomorrow...


  2. herding cats
    herding buffalo
    for long days

  3. It may have been in the air. It was the same for the hospice hot line yesterday. Some people tend to leave things until the eleventh hour frequently. Fridays nights always bring a lot of last minute calls.

  4. Thank God it's over. Would not want that day twice in a row.
    The visual for the day--my 260# patient ripping off his monitor leads and getting up out of bed through the bedrails so that he could stand and pee ON TOP OF his bed.
    ...That was before the restraints:>)
    Surprisingly those scenes are not on Grey's Anatomy.

  5. The photo was so funny to me, but then I just read your reply to comments and THAT is even funnier!


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