Friday, October 3, 2008

What the Hell happened to TGIF???

I know it's a crescent moon here in CinCity, but there must be a full moon somewhere shining its craziness over our way...

You know, some people just ain't right.

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  1. Distracted By Shiny Objects,

    For a nanosecond I thought that we were having a Vulcan Mind Meld! I did "TGIFrance" and you did "What Ever Happened to TGIF?"

    Today I went to the GP with a folder on Panic Attacks and explained to him why I would not be taking the Zoloft he so kindly prescribed.

    However, I would be taking Klonopin for one month to break the cycle of panic attacks that have had me obsessing about a heart attack for 19 months--the longest heart attack in process on record!

    Wish me luck and have a great TGISaturday!


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