Life On Mars

Hubby and I love this television show and, for those of us of a certain age, it resonates deeply. 1973 is for me a meaningful year. A marker point.

It's the year I graduated from high school, the year I started college, the year United States troops pulled out of Vietnam and the year the Watergate hearings began.

The American Indian Movement and their supporters seized the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota. The World Trade Center became the tallest building in the world and Secretariat won the Triple Crown. 1973 was three years before I married my high school honey, and six years before I found myself divorced.

The cars, the clothes, the sideburns are so familiar that I can't believe they're gone now. So I find myself wandering through the sets and scenes of this show and looking around the sights as a tourist this time around, not as a native of the time. I hear the chorus of a long forgotten song from a car radio or bar's juke box and search for the street signs that might have helped me to navigate my way.

Please note: Fountain Square, 1970's. Sargeant Shriver at podium. Behind him, John Wiethe, Tom Luken, Theodore Berry.


  1. Have you seen "The Ice Storm". Same year I think.

  2. Have not, but think we'll have to see if it's available at library or Blockbuster. Did not know all the hanky-panky going on in the burbs:>)

  3. Oh, woman, you just gave me a total body rush. And I promise, it's not a hot flash!!!

    Beautiful post. I beat you out of high school by 3 three years but you no doubt beat me into adulthood by a decade or two. Groan...

    I'll catch up. I swear I will.


  4. Don't rush it, Ms. Francie-Pants. There's plenty of time to get where we're all going:>)

  5. The Man and I love Life on Mars as well. I recognize so much and he often looks over and catches me smiling at something I've seen or heard.

    Now - what is going on with those little things popping out of people's eyes or scurrying along the pavement?

  6. I always felt it was a watershed year for me too!

    1973 was the year I graduated from h.s. too....

    I've liked what I've seen of the show, course I've long had a weak spot for harvey keitel - what versatility and what a voice....


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