Saturday in CinCity

What I Believe
by Michael Blumenthal

I believe there is no justice,
but that cottongrass and bunchberry
grow on the mountain.

I believe that a scorpion's sting
will kill a man,
but that his wife will remarry.

I believe that, the older we get,
the weaker the body,
but the stronger the soul.

I believe that if you roll over at night
in an empty bed,
the air consoles you.

I believe that no one is spared
the darkness,
and no one gets all of it.

I believe we all drown eventually
in a sea of our making,
but that the land belongs to someone else.

I believe in destiny.
And I believe in free will.

I believe that, when all
the clocks break,
time goes on without them.

And I believe that whatever
pulls us under,
will do so gently.

so as not to disturb anyone,
so as not to interfere
with what we believe in.


  1. Another beautiful work of art.

  2. Hey!

    That guy swiped my beliefs!

    Thank you for putting me onto his shenanigans!

  3. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Oh, that I could ease my heart as Michael Blumenthal eases his with these wise and wonderful words! Thanks for that "you're not alone" poem.

  5. Magnanimously mystifying my mellow most mingled mind. I loved the poem because it makes you think. Thank you.

  6. I love the sentiment about time going on after all the clocks are broken. That's beautiful.

  7. Text an image are soulful...very creative!


  8. Wow! This is most thought provoking. Very beautiful. Thanks for posting. I love all the neat art work!

  9. This is an amazing poem. Very thought provoking indeed :-)

  10. Beautiful poem. Thank you for that.

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  12. This is a fine blog.Very creative and free-rangeing.
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  13. Verses force to think. Beautifully. Thanks. I am not able to speak English, but almost all have understood. At myself in a blog I represent verses and songs of Russian poets which to me managed to be found in English.
    The blog only has opened. Specify my errors if it is not difficult. Thanks.


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