The Autumn Equinox

"The weight of the afternoon sun

already falls more lightly on my back than it did a few weeks ago. The days seem not only shorter but also somehow thinner too, and every morning that dawns above freezing feels like a morning won back from the inevitable. Nothing is dry yet, of course, but the promise of eventual dryness is in the air. A day will come when every crown of seeds will rattle on the weeds in ditches and fields, when leaves will crunch obligingly underfoot again."

please note: excerpt from The Rural Life, September, by Verlyn Klinkenborg
& art by Van Gogh


  1. Yup, summer's I'm gonna blow everything off and run away to the beach for a few days late tonight...

  2. It may be autumn by the calendar, but by the feel, it's still summer in Detroit.

  3. "Thinner." Indeed, that is how parts of the days in France feel right now. It is definitely autumn in the Hexagon.

  4. Every word of this so very true.


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