Presenting the Watercats...

...kind of like Peter, Paul and Mary, but Irish, and cooler, and without Paul.


Mary with castanets
settles herself into the sand.
her mind humming with letters
And moments and songs.
She watches the ocean move,
Beats to the waves with her hands...
The sky is so endless
Along with her longing.

Settle down,
Let it move...
Settle down,
Let it soothe you..
Settle down,
Ain't that the truth?..
Settle down,
There's always tomorrow....

Yesterday her heart got broke
But it won't keep her from love,
She's got the soul of a sailor,
The mind of a magpie.
Perspective is hers for the taking,
She only views life from above..
Her skin is like summer,
She's always high..

She is content where she's at,
She could watch the horizons forever.
Salt stains her face
But she's always smiling...
Her tears are of wisdom and wit
Are never of sadness or temper..
She is the crest of the wave
We're all riding......

please note: art, Mary Magdalene by Anthony Frederick Sandys.


  1. This is absolutely marvelous!
    I enjoyed your ...Presenting intro, too.

    Hey, Watercats, is this song about our Magpie here? Sounds like her!

  2. Love it! Especially "the mind of a magpie."

  3. I can see why you'd be drawn to this song. It's very soulful.

  4. There's always tomorrow....
    Yep...that's just about right.

  5. Sounds great...and interesting it the light where I am, or am I supposed to see only what looks like a campfire in the distance?

  6. @YogaforCynics- I'm sittin' round the same campfire as you, enjoying the Watercats and waiting for their answer to my question. . . . .
    [open your hand. here's a marshmallow.>]

  7. Distracted, I'm always amazed at what you find to share, and how image / word / and now music fits together. Thanks.

  8. wow!.... our internet connection has been playing silly buggers and it keeps bouncing me off sites... Just got round here to find this!... We're so behumbled! and what a cool introduction :-D... Thanks billions, you're de best!


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