Saturday in CinCity

Real Estate

by Mark Perlberg

How odd to look across the way and note
the Hymans, neighbors for a generation,
are gone. Strange not to see a glimmer of light
in any window as I pass by, or Ida, bent and wiry,
climbing her stoop with a bag of groceries,
or tending the doctor, neatly dressed, asleep in his chair
on the porch, his light dimmed by a succession of strokes.

I was shocked when Ida called to say she sold
the building: two stories high, smooth gray brick,
solid as a bank. Then, one day, the big truck came,
Thirty years gone. Just like that.

Don't know whether it's appropriate or coincidence, but life has moved quickly here in the last week. We are in the midst of buying a house about 200 miles away from CinCity.

A retreat of sorts. Make that a retreat with no furniture and a yard that needs mowing but, I've got lots of books and mismatched linens to fill up empty rooms. And, a telescope I believe will be much more functional away from the city glare. In fact, the house here is being slowly dotted with hot pink Post-It notes of potential items to be disentangled from the clutter that is attached to our life.

Did I mention the second house has a detached 2 car garage with utilities? That's what sold it for my hubby--he's in some serious love. The rest of us love the fact that we're four houses away from some serious water. The grrrls envision sunbathing. I envision contemplating. To-may-toe/To-mah-toe.

This falls in the midst of the painting-palooza in HoneyHaired's room and caring for an 84 year old mother who doesn't want any help, except when she does want help which is rightdamnnow. And an inspector--Clousseau I hope--from the Payusbackorwebreakyourlegs Loan Office is coming to our home on Tuesday. Hubby's working, HoneyHaired's working, which leaves an open field for me to sort, toss, and clean without anyone asking why I'm throwing away that magazine or this empty coffee can. I realize both could come in very handy someday and I will rue the day, but we can get more. Right down at the local IGA. Tons of magazines and big, plastic coffee containers looking for homes.

At work I've been asked to take over the Preceptoring committee, also to give an 8 hour lecture on Neuro to the new critical care nurses in orientation. I'm not really certain how to get 8 hours of "the skull bone's connected to the eye bone, the eye bone's connected to the jaw bone..." unless maybe I do it in mime, but you can see there is big thinking to be done here.

I may be around the blogoshere, but if I am, please nag at me to get my work done. It's time for Grasshopper to get busy. Apparently lectures don't write themselves and Snow White isn't stopping by to tidy up. Who knew?


  1. Good luck with everything on your plate! I certainly hope it comes more easily than you expect it to.

    And that poem is very fitting. I love concise poetry.

  2. Our elderly neighbour moved our about 3 years ago now, and I still look over to their back garden and miss their beautifully kept garden and her tending it. Now a young couple with a dog who has ruined all their gardens...

  3. Congrats on all your exciting & exhausting news! Having just moved, I know that has its own special brand of crazy. Fortunately it sounds like you're not moving house, just splitting things up some. Sounds like fun!

  4. The 2nd house sounds lovely! Plus, what a great chance to de-clutter, yet hang onto some good stuff. And water is always nice.

  5. Woo-hooo!!! Congratulations on acquiring a retreat. What body of water will you be visiting when you go retreating?

    An 8-hour lecture? Surely you jest. Come to think of it, perhaps that's the best way to fill the time. Poetry and wit. That's the ticket! And you're soooo good with both!!!

    Kudos on your professional honors, which will surely lead to more time at the retreat!

    I miss your visits, DBSO, *and* I celebrate your discipline!


  6. Congratulations on the retreat home - hope you can keep it simple and actually get some resting done (along with puttering around with garden, or anything else you enjoy). To fill up eight hours of learning? Have people talk to each other at least as much as you talk at them. That's what I do, and they're smarter (as a whole group) than I am anyway, so we all learn. Don't know if that works for neuro-anatomy or what-have-you, though. Now - s'pose I should say - time to work!

  7. Sigh. My dream--when I retire and move--is to get rid of at least 50% of my stuff. I mean it. Keep me posted. Enjoy whatever time you can steal away.

  8. The home sounds dreamy.
    I know I always wished for the shoe makers elves to stop by and tidy up a bit...still waiting.
    Good luck on your lecture and get to work,
    as one fanciful procrastinator to another...

  9. ooohhh.. my head!.... it hurts just reading about your busy-ness!.... It all sounds incredibly exciting all the same.. eight hour lecture!..*head e'splodes!
    Good luck with everything, oh, and forgot to mention, love the fact you linked the song with Mary magdaline... thanks again! (still chuffed)

  10. I don't know how you keep up but that retreat sounds lovely. I wish you luck and peace and wonderful times there. Hubs and I have been thinking the opposite, moving into Cincity for a bit more nightlife and less driving. Hmmm, not quite decided.

  11. 2nd home, retreat....perfect.
    promotions....very good.
    cleaning up....necessary.
    EIGHT HOUR LECTURE....torture.


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