Friday in CinCity

It's raining today in CinCity. A continuous drizzle in a grey and chilly day, but I don't care. I've spent the last 6 days at the hospital, not all of it 12 hour shifts, but enough of it, and I am thrilled to be in my sweats with a hot cup of coffee, rain or shine.

Inspector Clousseau, the loan appraiser, has come and gone and our loan for the lake property is being "processed." My 8 hour Neuro lecture is finished, as was my voice that evening and the next day. The new committee I'm now heading has brand new notebooks, pens, and color coded divider tabs. Bliss in a bag.

The next four days are all mine, except for driving HoneyHaired around and volunteering Saturday afternoon at the church festival. Tonight, I'm planning on roasted chicken and red potatoes and using the leftovers for curried chicken salad. On second thought, I'd best roast two chickens. We do love the chicken salad.

The consignment store down the street is having a "bin sale." Everything's $5, $10, $20. Gotta be there.

We've lost four young ones to the H1N1 virus in the last three weeks. By young I mean 17-22 years old. Last Friday we lost a 16 year old to traumatic brain injury after a driver sped through a traffic light and went on to commit hit-and-run at the crosswalk. Randomness run amuck. I can make no more sense of this than who will next win the lottery or which leaf will change color and fall.

I very much hope your weekends are restful and tasty and bargain filled. Whatever they contain, I hope you find joy in them.


  1. Hey there! You must be feeling like taking one giant exhalation. What a busy time. I've thinking about you and wondering how your mother is doing and sending thoughts of comfort and support.

    Just finished hosting a 2-day summit for business, healthcare, and gov leaders on H1N1. So I, too, am lounging in sweats and just enjoying pure nothingness. Hoping to maintain that state as long as possible.

    Take care!

  2. I love that new header! And I hope your time off is relaxing and refreshing!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the young people lost to illness and injury. I'm not surprised that poetry won your heart. I really don't know any other medium that could hold those losses, Inspector Clouseau, office supply store-inspired joy, a plastics sale, the church festival, chauffeur duty, roast chicken, and "random run amok."

    Have a lovely, relaxing, family-filled break from your demanding and purposeful work at the hospital!


  4. Wow. The losses stunned me for some reason. I guess because my 25 year old daughter walks everywhere and she says Stamford drivers run lights all the time. I'm afraid she's not as careful as she should be and I'm too far away to protect her. They think they're invincible (the young) and we know they are not. So.
    Have a good weekend; the dinner plans sound yummy and so do the sweats!

  5. We can't make sense of it...not really.
    Not do I want to anymore...
    I hope that you are allowed a safe, calm weekend with family and friends...
    relax my friend, you deserve it.

  6. In the past month or so, I have learned (again) that sometimes things just don't make sense. Doesn't make it less difficult, though.

    Your rain is coming up my way tomorrow. A day in sweats for me, too. And when you have your lake house, perhaps we can be in seats with a cuppa on the deck together.

  7. It was nice to hear your "voice", tho sorry the subject matter was sprinkled with sadness. I'm hoping the roasted chickens and bin sale can somewhat rouse a little mirth in a rainy weekend.

  8. Sweats and coffee days are the best thing ever. I cherish them.

    That is so sad about the virus. We haven't seen that much damage here yet, but winter is coming.

  9. I have just stumbled onto your lovely blog.You have a new fan in the deep (and rainy) South.
    I don't have my own Enchanted April to get my feathers smooth but A Tidings of Magpies will certainly help. Thank you.

  10. Hello everyone and thanks for commenting. And welcome Anonymous--you have had a bit of rain lately. A friend of mine just moved to Atlanta and has a basement full of yellow water.
    Weekend has been perfectly relaxing so far. Two roasted chickens and a bowl of curried chicken salad in the fridge. I found a pair of jeans that fit!! And now I've discovered Mystery Theater is on PBS right now. That's a good end to the day:>)

  11. I love your new header! I hope you have a blissful weekend, you deserve it. xoxo

  12. My best friend lost her daughter to a careless driver. It's an awful thing to live through.

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend.



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