Buddhist Barbie

by Denise Duhamel

In the 5th century B.C.
an Indian philosopher
Gautama teaches "All is emptiness"
and "There is no self."
In the 20th century A.D.
Barbie agrees, but wonders how a man
with such a belly could pose,
smiling, and without a shirt.


  1. Love that one! I think I read some of her work when I was in college (only 13 years ago). Good stuff.

  2. That Barbie...she's such a deep thinker.

  3. He certainly wouldn't make it onto the cover of any of the major yoga magazines looking like that...

  4. hahahahahahahaahahahaaaaa!!.. is there a zen barbie yet?... if not, why not!?... she'd look gorgeous in orange! :-)

  5. Barbie...love...smiles.
    buddha..love...quiet smiles....

  6. Indeed it is the 'emptyness' which makes so many things usable, such as a glass or a door.

  7. Barbie should start doing yoga and meditation exercises which could help set her mind at ease, so she could stop wondering about such things. Secretly she was probably admiring the shirtless man's anatomy...

  8. Barbie's been a shrew since she broke up with Ken.


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