Choice of Diseases

by Hal Sirowitz

Now that I'm sick & have
all this time to contemplate
the meaning of the universe,
Father said, I understand why
I never did it before. Nothing
looks good from a prone position.
You have to walk around to appreciate
things. Once I get better I don't
intend to get sick for a while. But
if I do I hope I get one of those diseases
you can walk around with.


  1. As I was saying before your site swallowed my comment, I will be one of those patients a nurse will need to put mitts on, restrain in the bed AND put a bed alarm on--just in case. I just know this in my soul!

    I hope I'm not too big a pain in the ass.

  2. Sorry about the swallowing. Is it an ongoing problem?
    I don't think I'll be a cute "pleasantly confused" patient. One nipple twist and it will be Game On.

  3. Hey, who is the handsome bird in your new header?
    I can just tell he's a good listener.


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