Flight--Rough Draft

I had a dream again last night
about jeteing.
I've never been asked that in a
personality test in any of the multiple magazines passed my way.
Do you dream of flying? Falling? Phantoms?
Ferocious beasts? But never,
Do you dream of dancing?
The feel of a few running steps
and leaping out into open space,
right leg lifted and pointed straight out in front,
left leg extended straight behind
and arms lifting up towards the heavens
for a span of forever.
And, in my dream,
a slow, drifting descent back down to earth.
Something I could never accomplish in my daily life
despite years of lessons and the feel of many different
ballet barres and resined wooden floors.
But in sleep
I become airborne after a few attempts,
and in the morning
rise up from my bed
arms, shoulders, and legs sore
from my flight.


  1. I like where this is going. Great first draft!

    My dance dream (after 13 years of lessons) is that I am backstage at the recital and can't remember the steps. Not so far from my own horrible teenage truth!


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