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I have finished The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and while I see other blogophiles review books and movies I shan't be doing that. Sorry, but I shan't. Really...who here gives a flying rat's patootie about my opinion of the book...

"#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER" "Eerie and fascinating."-USA Today

...'nuf said. I don't finish books that I don't like unless they're really, really bad and then I kinda like them for their awfulness.

No, what I shall do is to find the quintessential sentence of the book, the one sentence-maybe two-that contains the entire storyline--

--if you have very loose associative thinking. And, I will pull out of the book my new favorite words. That way, everyone knows I've read the book, there's no book report and I get new favorite words to ramble on about inappropriately. (ex. radiculopathy) Okay. Game on.

The Thirteenth Tale--A tale in which stories, lives, and histories are built upon the whisperings of ghosts.

Quintessential Sentence--"The colored logo of a construction company had survived, but beneath it, two pale gray stains the shape of paragraphs and, slightly darker but not much, the shadow of a signature. It had the shape of writing, but the meaning had been bleached out by months of sunshine."

Favorite Word--"...a moment of vertiginous, kaleidoscopic bedazzlement..."--couldn't choose just one, this was all or nothing.

please note--art by tartx


  1. This is not the kind of book I normally read, but I will give it a shot, because my curiosity was piqued enough by this entry that I checked the book on Amazon.com, and it does look rather riveting.

    (In spite of what you wrote about reviewing books on your blog, I will still occasionally review one on mine... Not that I think that people give a rat's ass about what I think about any give book, but I find it kind of fun to write pseudo book reviews.)


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