In Disagreement With the Status Quo

Response to Pastor Martin Niemoller

What does it take to
make a man finally speak
against injustice?

How to Crush Ideological Opposition. In Haiku.

Threaten, ridicule.
Dismiss, minimize, slander.
Placate the masses.

Having gone through this recently yet once again--the business of disagreeing with a policy and requesting that more thought and discussion be placed to the longer view and wider implications of new restrictive procedures--the first words I heard were, "Annie, are you starting trouble again?"
Got me thinking about the plan in place, the algorithym, the recipe to silence those who step over the lines to speak up and speak out.


  1. I enjoyed this collection, then came to the 'Annie' part.

    My dad used to call me Annie :)

    Nice taste in music you have - Glen and Marketa's song.


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