Birthday Celebrations

My hubby's birthday has come and gone. "55 and staying alive." Sorry if the BeeGee's song rattles around in your head now. ("...stayin' alive, stayin' alive, ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo, stayin' alive, stayin' alive"). Just sharing the wealth with y'all.
We still have birthday pie here.

We are Pie People. You know, cake vs pie?? We would pick pie every time. I am no cake snob. I will eat cake, but I luuvvvv, luv, luv pie. We once had a pie we picked up from a roadside stand in Delaware that to this day has remained the Gold Standard of pies for us. A peach, raspberry, apricot pie. Perfection. What heaven should be like--homemade pie in a beach house in Bethany Beach in the summer.
Funny the things we take for granted:
cake vs pie
Fritos vs potato chips
salty foods vs sweets
diet pop vs the real thing.
Differences or similiarities in taste that truly bind us as soul mates and BFF's. For our family it's all about the pie. We will gladly let the rest of the world eat cake.


  1. I'm a cake lover, but I loved my mother's apple pies, which were tart and not sweet or syrupy. I would give up cake for mom's pies. She's been gone for 16 years now...


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