Hey, hey Boo-Boo...

We have spent the last seven days in Dillon, Montana tooling around the southwest corner of the state in a shiny red Mustang. Life cannot get any better than this.

Right now it's 9:30 pm in West Yellowstone and the sun is just about ready to go down. I don't
know what the temperature here is, but it's been lightly snowing off and on all day and there's a cold wind that's whipping through
the streets and alleys.

No moose, bison, or bears yet.
Saw "Bullwinkle's."
Didn't see Rocky.

Honey haired girl has bunches of photographs on her computer--internet has been hit-and-miss for us. Hoping she'll share if I feed her.

More days in Yellowstone National Park and a ranch in Wyoming, then back to CinCity to our lives there where we shall spend long periods of time untangling the lovely panoramic pictures floating around in our brains.


  1. Lovely photos. We have missed you :-). Have a great rest of your trip!

  2. Stunning. I haven't traveled in the West and really want to go...

  3. Lovely lovely, reads lovely :)


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