There's Got To Be A Morning After...

I've spent the greater part of an hour reading through several of my favorite blogs and trying to respond in kind with morsels of witty, intelligent, and meaningful comments. Hard work.

It was a late night for me. College Girl came home last evening to see her StepDad and take him out for a birthday dinner. She stayed around to talk after I got home from work and we yakked on till midnight. She has work today and wanted to drive back last night to Kentucky, so I stayed awake till she texted me that she'd gotten back home safely-- by which time I was entrenched in watching Dead Man Walking with Sean Penn and Susan Saradon. That ended at 3:30am.

So now I'm awake with a foggy brain and a slow moving body trying to find my Things To Get Done Now list. There's a balmy breeze coming through the west bedroom window and "California Dreaming" drifting up from the park. Rather lovely, but I'm gonna need a lot more coffee to manage this day.

In all fairness, it was a really busy day at work yesterday what with trying to keep Patient A's ICP's (intracranial pressures) less than 30 and Patient B's heart rate greater than 30. I was running back and forth between the two rooms when I wasn't pulling, pushing, and tugging at limp bodies for the umpteenth CT scan, chest xray, stat EKG. And then this morning just when I started to feel the overwhelming futility of it all seep into my pores I read a post from CauseforConcern-- and the Hubble telescope and I remembered.

It's all about the energy and keeping the love flowing around this great big ball of gases, or keeping the gases flowing around this great big ball of love.

I know, it's 6 minutes long and the music could be tweaked a bit, as in tweaked out, but it is truly awe inspiring to realize how much is out in the universe and the life and energy that must exist there, out beyond our vision. Makes our cultural divides and disagreements and wars seem very petty and my To Do list just a little bit more important. I shall go forth today and spread some love or gas, whichever comes first. Well... more coffee first. I'll take that IV and To Go, please.

Please note: art by Leigh-Erin Rudd, aka Lerin and You Tube reallocated from CauseforConcern


  1. I loved finding your comments over on my blog :) Thank you.

    I can relate to the 3am, then I had to be on a train to Brussels at 8am for a photography shoot with a young family in a park ... much walking. Home at 3am, painkillers, dead sleep, woke with flu ... clearly I didn't use your IV coffee intake method ... dammit.

    Hope your day ended well

  2. That video made me cry-in a good way :-). I am sleepy today too, but mine is due to critters in the house. Hope you woke up today :-).

  3. Oh the morning after. It's 12:37 p.m. and I'm still in my bathrobe avoiding the Big Picture and catching up with my blog peeps. My little window into a much bigger world. Thanks for looking back at me. : )


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