Fair Warning

by Alden Nowlan

I keep a lunatic chained
to a beam in the attic. He
is my twin brother whom
I'm trying to cheat
out of his inheritance.
It's all right for me
to tell you this because
you won't believe it.
Nobody believes anything
that's put in a poem.
I could confess to
murder and as long as
I did it in a verse
there's not a court
that would convict me.
So if you're ever
a guest overnight
in my house, don't
go looking for
the source of any
unusual sounds.


  1. I believe him.

    I keep a very paranoid, chain-smoking, machine-gun toting, hyper-vigilant infantryman as a sentry out on the back forty of my mind. He stands watch, carries out patrols, checks ID and travel documents night and day. He's been out there for a long, long time.

    But it's the Nubians with their scimitars flanking the entryway to my mind that attract the most attention. That's probably just due to their fabulous uniforms.

    Wonderful poem and fantastic photo, dearest Distracted!

  2. Thanks, Ms. Francie-Pants, and I'll be sure to CALL FIRST before dropping in:>)

  3. A strange but unusually appealing poem.....great shot.


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