We're Looking At A Level 3 Snow Emergency Folks

Don't think you'll be going anywhere today...

and here's why your STAT XRAYS are going to be a little late today:>)

please note:photo by the Radiology department in the hospital courtyard where I believe they still stand, frozen stiff.


  1. Slackers as far as the eye can see. Now get back to work. Unfortunately, you're sure to see some heads that got cracked while slipping and sliding around town.

  2. Not me. Not today. I am off today, thank you very much, and am very grateful. I am beat. Now if HoneyHaired Grrrrl would just get a little bit more homework done the Barbie Dating Game is awaiting us. It is so absolutely politically incorrect it makes me laugh. For a penalty card you get something like--"You are at the malt shop and have no boyfriend. You must pay for yourself." And Poindexter is still the nerd, but I find him irresistible:>)

  3. A perfect snowy day activity. I have stay at home envy today. I'm hoping my pager doesn't go off for more than telephone advice. That's not been the case on other snowy days. Sniff.

  4. My son buried me in the snow just a bit ago. Despite this, I'm trying to not see the positive side of this snow too much.

  5. Ha!, JT--and doing it fabulously well I can see from the "Stupid White Crap Edition." :>)

  6. You are so funny! I'm assuming that, since you're home, this photo was emailed to you. Rudee's "slackers as far as the eyes can see" comment was the topping on this cupcake of a post!

  7. Snow up to my knees here! Then there was the wind. The roads were closed here but that didn't stop my lovely husband of many years from going to work. He said,"I have my truck.
    Now he's plowing the driveway.

  8. We don't have it up to our knees, but have enough of it and an inch or so of ice coating everything. College Grrrl is south of us and her city is completely out of power and of course has no heat or hot water or way to cook. But also no school. So I guess that evens out. The XRAY folks' photo was on one of the news channel's websites. They're having a photo contest. The HoneyHaired Grrrl and I may take pity on the city and stop wearing our pj's inside-out and backwards. Very powerful mojo there:>)

  9. we had ten inches or so of fresh snow...fortunately I didn't have to go anywhere, but it was nice to have a couple beings come to me...

    snow play, exercise, and the sun emerging around 4 made for a lovely snow day!!

    snow over ice any day - I feel bad for all the folks out of power, in this weather it is a serious problem!

  10. I LOVE it!!! Good times at the U huh!


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