Saturday in CinCity

If you watch any of the medical/hospital themed television shows you may have the idea of a nurses's work life as being, well, off-camera. In House we come skittering from the shadows when summoned to assist in resuscitation efforts performed by one of the almighties. In Grey's Anatomy we're the recipients of some junior intern's sloppy seconds who loves us and leaves us. Seriously. There's not a critical care nurse alive who would allow any of the Seattle Six in a patient's room let alone get near the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assistance Device) keeping love interest Denny's heart pumping efficiently.

But that's drama. Real life is watching a well experienced critical care nurse gaze curiously as her brain takes a flying leap and runs flying through the exit doors screaming for the hills. That nurse has not one, but two phones to her ears, one call from the staffing desk listing multiple call offs for the next shift and the other requesting the plan for the five patients waiting in the ER to be admitted, one on another unit, two being Life Flighted in from outside hospitals, and no open beds to place them.

Just another damn case of life not imitating art.


  1. YOU should work up a script to present to some network exec. :)
    I'd forgotten about "Julia" - kind of ahead of its time in some ways.

    Where in the heck did you find that choice cartoon? (You thought I was going to say "HELL," didn't you?)

  2. I quite admire nurses and marvel at their efficiency, kindness, and sang froid in situations that would cause narcolepsy, if not catatonia, in the average citizen.

    Two thumbs up for the heart and soul of the medical care universe!!!

    Nurse Ratchett not withstanding...

  3. I have said this before, but it bares repeating, you are my hero.
    Now mind you, I have not been to a doctor for about 30 years(gasp), but if I had to go to a hospital, I would want to go to the one where you work and I would want you as my nurse, and no other would do :-). XOXO

  4. Lydia, we actually joke more about being sent on a secret mission to Afghanistan to hunt down Bin Laden. The man would gladly surrender if he had to listen to a chorale of nurses and their stories:>)

    Ms. France, Thanks for the thumbs up--always an excellent neuro sign. Use it every time you see a doctor.

    and Annie, if you need a nurse I'll come out there. No need for your fat cats to try to stow away in your suitcase again.

  5. We all know nurses run the world. Seriously. Who spends the most time with the patients? Yeah.


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