And Undoubtedly Saint Peter Is Right Now Styling His Footwork


  1. He brought us a lot of enjoyment over the years and sadly people took so much of his joy away. Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

  2. That man is responsible for my bunions -- and I'm OK with that.

  3. The Michael Jackson I loved as a child and young adult died a long time ago, but I still can't believe he's gone at 50, so young.

  4. What Kathleen said? Yeah, that!
    Thriller energized my life at a time when I was very low. I will never forget the feeling of coming back to life when I played the album, when I heard it playing all around the neighborhood where I lived.

  5. are you sure its not the Other Guy getting some dancing tips?

    You know, the one from the wrong side of town?

  6. I suspect the Devil knows how to dance like a rock star:>) and that Michael lived through his own hell here on earth. I hope he is somewhere at peace.

  7. I blame it on the boogie.... :-)

    Hope he's moonwalking in peace now!

  8. What a talented and troubled soul.


  9. Michael was a true artist, a genius. He left our world with a magical legacy. Hopefully he has now found real peace that he did not always have from his very early days.


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