Thank You


  1. Thanks for posting this. I honored them too, today.

  2. Eventhough being German by origin, please allow me to express my thankfullness too.

  3. Thank you... When you realize more than half did not get to complete the mission it makes this picture even more poignant.

  4. What courage these men had. They deserve our utmost appreciation. Thank you for remembering their incredible sacrifice.

  5. Obama's speech today at Omaha Beach was moving... even French President Sarkozy rose to the occasion. Interesting that Gordon Brown spoke for England, while Prince Charles, though present, said not a word. Tom Hanks was elegant in a charcoal suit and light grey tie. But the rows of white crosses stretching into the distance said more than any of them...

  6. ooooooch, I missed all the coverage today. Both my patients in pain so I kept the TVs off. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse tomorrow. I do enjoy men in suits:>)


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