The Ordinary

by Kirsten Dierking

It's summer, so
the pink gingham shorts,
the red mower, the neat rows
of clean smelling grass
unspooling behind
the sweeping blades.

A dragonfly, black body
big as a finger, will not leave
the mower alone,
loving the sparkle
of scarlet metal,
seeing in even a rusting paint
the shade of a flower.

But I wave him off,
conscious he is
wasting his time,
conscious I am
filling my time
with such small details,
distracting colors,

like pink checks,
like this, then that,
like a dragonfly wing
in the sun reflecting
the color of opals,
like all the hours
we leave behind,
so ordinary,
but not unloved.

please note: pottery by Cathy Michelsen


  1. This one was especially beautiful, and so striking the way you used the pottery as accent. Loved it.

  2. Beautiful poem, love that you likened dragonfly wins to opals. Love the pottery too!

  3. There is something so comforting in the ordinary.

  4. During my trip to the Land of the Luddites and since jetlagged state of return, I have missed the occasional post. Nevertheless, in a state of utter fatigue at 7pm last night, I seem to recall your having mentioned my blog, among others with a nod. Just wanted to say thank you while I was still conscious!


  5. Love this, especially the last few lines...

  6. Lovely, soothing, and I can smell the fresh-cut grass. Could you pass that glass of lemonade? Thanks!

  7. Wow, I absolutely love that! "So ordinary but not unloved." Perfect, volumes spoken in those few words... :)


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