support human rights in Iran

I'm starting a bit early. The green background is part of the support/awareness effort to add one more voice and ten more fingers, though I hunt and peck with two, to the support of human rights and freedom in Iran.


  1. What's been going on is tragic though in a be careful what you wish for sort of way, Mousavi is no saint. He played a large role in the last revolt and is no stranger to nuclear arms proliferation. Can this be a situation where it's better with the devil you know? I know one thing for certain, this man is no Ghandi.

  2. I believe that efforts like this add to the force make a difference, in both tangible and cosmic ways. I agree with Rudee--Mousavi is no Gandhi, but the right of people to vote and to choose their own government is a Universal Human Right, even if they choose someone we might not like. By now, I think the movement goes beyond the man, though.


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